Colourful Wildlife Greetings Cards: 8 per pack

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A collection of 8 A6 colourful greetings cards featuring a selection of Marcus other wildlife designs, from: the trumpeter swan, the white eagle, two exotic butterflies, the giraffe, the dartmoor pony, exmoor pony, new forest pony, and the cheetah.  Marcus has drawn these in Photoshop or Procreate highlighting the colour and beauty of these marvellous creatures that we want to nurture and protect.  Marcus is a strong supporter / member of a number of wildlife organisations: the Giraffe Conservation Trust, the BTO, the RSPB, the WWT, The Rivers Trust, the Butterfly Conservation Trust and the Wildlife Trust.  A number of these have commissioned work from Marcus and stock his designs / products in their shops.

A mixed selection of colourful, classic wildlife designs (Marcus’s choice) from our earlier collections. 8 A6 cards and envelopes. Examples of the designs are shown in the photos. We hope you enjoy Marcus’s choice.